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♖♘♗♕♔♗♘♖, MYSTERIA, and FifthFloorSentinels are the three surviving teams (a grand total of 16 living players), each of which has eliminated at least one team. But only one of them can win. Who will it be?

NOTE: Once there are two teams left, starvations will no longer occur. Both teams must fight to victory!


Carnival is over, but assassins is not! So far, four teams have been eliminated, two of them by The Outcast Faction. A total of 32 players have been killed – that leaves nine teams and 33 players remaining. But with the end of Carnival comes a round of starvations. Starvations, which occur when no one in the team makes a kill within three days, were postponed last weekend. And this morning, four days were added to everyone’s deadline to compensate. So if you are one of the nine surviving teams, check your deadline because beginning Tuesday morning, there will be a starvation check every day at 6:00 AM! (Remember that your team does not die immediately after your deadline; you only die if you fail a starvation check, which is run once daily)


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We have 65 players and 13 teams participating! Log in to The Spoon Portal to see your team’s targets. The Stats page will be updated soon! While playing, note the following important points and clarifications:

  • Dorm rooms are not safe zones.
  • Midway is a safe zone
  • If no one in your team makes a kill in 3 days, your team will starve (that means you’re eliminated)
  • Your team is eliminated when the VIP and at least one guard, or alternatively, all four guards, are dead.
  • If you hit your assassin with a spoon before he kills you, you will stun him. That means he cannot kill anyone, including other members of your team, for one hour. But you can still be killed by his teammates.
  • To kill or stun, you must hit your target with a single unmodified (decorations are fine) spoon anywhere from above the waist to below the neck, hands and arms included. You cannot throw your spoon.
  • Please be courteous. Disruptive behavior will get your team disqualified. That means don’t run around screaming in the library or turning over couches in your dorm at 4am.

Please read the full rules in the Abouts page if you haven’t already done so. Good luck!

Registration is open for an all new SpoonAssassins! Except this time, it’s OPEN TO THE ENTIRE CAMPUS, ALL YEARS! (well, to everyone living in university-owned housing. but that includes greek housing and apartments! Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and grad students are all welcome!). And not only that, this time we are playing teams and VIPs! So get into groups of five, click on the About tab for the rules, and start signing up! Any questions? Post them here! Registration ends this Sunday night!

Ryan Roberts, who went by codename rropuma07, has killed Jabril Vilmenay (codename 22) for a historic win! Ryan first entered the spotlight by killing Will Crichton (codename John G), revamping the leader board. Now, after 23 days and 166 deaths, his eighth kill has made him the last man standing:

My plan was executed perfectly. I contacted my target’s suitemate, asking him to help me kill my target. He agrees, not knowing that I knew he would betray me. We agreed to meet at Resnik at 1:30. I sent my friend as a decoy in my stead,posing as Ryan Roberts, meanwhile I was sitting at a table nearby awaiting the betrayal. Following their talk, my decoy and my target’s friend leave. I continue waiting, and two minutes later, the friend returns to Resnik. I knew he had betrayed and my target was with him. I simply waited for them to leave Resnik and then assassinated my target while basking in the glory of their confused faces.

Congratulations to Ryan! The grand prize will be revealed and delivered shortly.

We also congratulate the other players who made it to the top five, including Katherine Du, Jenny Yang, and Zachary Dell (who ties the winner for most kills!). Additionally, thank you all for participating, and we hope you had a great time! Stay tuned for a full-scale (all years!) game of 6@6 SpoonAssassins in the Spring!

Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to post comments! We will also be sending out a survey shortly. Thanks for your feedback!


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Two assassins were killed in the past three days, taking us to the final two survivors: rropuma07 and 22. They will battle it out for as long as it takes to win the ultimate prize! If you know their identities, or have a grudge for being killed, you should help one of them out! In this game, dead men DO speak!

Note: There are no more time limits for kills. The game will continue for as long as it needs to.

KILL OF THE WEEK: rropuma07 kills zachman727:

I set up sentries outside every door to his class in Porter 100 with one even inside the classroom. My target left class early, alone and exposed. I leaped from the shadows, stabbing him with my hidden blade before he even had a chance to react. He muttered strange truths to me about my next target as he lay dying. With his last breath, he told me as much as he could about his target.

The Thanksgiving Ceasefire is over, and the four living assassins continue their battle to be the last man standing!

NOTE: The kill deadline for all living players has been reset to five days from noon today (November 30, 2012 at 12:00 PM).